Level 1 Heart Attack Program

Since June of 2004, Burnett Medical Center has been participating in a program developed by Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the Minneapolis Heart Institute. The Level 1 Heart Attack Program is an innovative approach to treating patients suffering from a heart attack. The goal is to treat and transport patients within 120 minutes, meaning 120 minutes from the time a patient enters the emergency room at Burnett Medical Center until the first balloon is inflated or stent is placed at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. It is vital to move these patients quickly during that "golden hour" when angioplasty (surgical repair or unblocking of a blood vessel) is the most successful.

Burnett Medical Center is one of 30 hospitals in Minnesota and Wisconsin participating in the Level 1 Heart Attack Program. This program is a team approach that gives patients the advantage of time which translates to better outcomes and decreased mortality. Burnett Medical Center's medical and nursing staff have been trained and are prepared to provide quick access to efficient cardiac care through the Level 1 Heart Attack Program.

For more information on Abbott Northwestern and the Minneapolis Heart Institute's Level 1 Heart Attack Program, visit http://www.mplsheart.com/services/center-for-cardiovascular-emergency-care/levelone/.

To see a video highlighting a Burnett Medical Center patient's Level 1 Program experience, please go to Windows Media Player video provided by Minneapolis Heart Institute.

"The Grantsburg Emergency Department consistently transports patients to Abbott Northwestern Hospital under the goal time of 2 hours, which is impressive because of the distance and limited proximity to air services. This illustrates Burnett Medical Center's commitment to the Level 1 Program and the community they serve."
--Dr. M. Nicholas Burke
Director of the Cardiovascular Emergencies Program