Burnett Medical Center Introduces New Prescription Medication Disposal Methods

prescription drug drop off boxDrug disposal solutions tackle medication abuse; provide a safe way to dispose of unused drugs.

Grantsburg - Burnett Medical Center is combating the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse by providing solutions to safely dispose of opioid painkillers and other unused medications.

A MedSafe® drug collection and disposal receptacle is now located in the main entrance of Burnett Medical Center for the safe and anonymous disposal of unused or expired medicines and controlled substances. The receptacle will be accessible during regular business hours.

Most Americans recognize that prescription drug abuse is a growing problem and one that flourishes in all communities. Since 2015, Wisconsinites have disposed of over 330,000 pounds (165 tons) of unused and unwanted medications. Wisconsin has been a national leader in the Drug Enforcement Administration's drug disposal program, Drug Take Back Day; Wisconsin has repeatedly had the third largest drug disposal collections in the country, only falling behind California and Texas.

"We often receive questions from our customers asking how they can safely get rid of their unused medications," said Gordy Lewis, Burnett Medical Center CEO. "We're happy to be able to give back to our community and customers by providing a safe solution to getting unused medications out of their homes and harm's way."

Anyone can simply bring in their unused pills and drop them into the MedSafe, which is a specially-designed receptacle for the safe, cost-effective and convenient way to dispose of potentially dangerous drugs.

"Safe disposal of prescription medication is a vital strategy for preventing prescription drug abuse and keeping the water supply safe," said David P. Tusa, president and CEO of Sharps Compliance, Inc. "We are thrilled to partner with pharmacies and healthcare organizations to provide a convenient method to dispose of unwanted medications."

Burnett Medical Center is also a registered sharps collection site. Please visit our website,, to learn more about drug and sharp collection services.

Burnett Medical Center Raised a Donate Life Flag in Honor of April's National Donate Life Month

Donate Life Flag
Burnett Medical Center would like to thank those of you who joined us as we Pause to Give Life and kick off National Donate Life Month on April 2nd.

At 10:08am, we were among the 83 Donate Life Wisconsin members and hospitals across the state that raised a Donate Life flag. The time of 10:08 recognizes that every 10 minutes a new name is added to the list, and highlights the fact that one donor can save eight lives.

The Donate Life flag was first introduced in 2006. Since then it has become a national symbol of unity, remembrance and hope, while honoring those touched by donation and transplantation. During the past 12 years, 50,000 Donate Life Flags have flown across America.

Once we raised our flag, we then stood in a moment of silence for one minute and 14 seconds to recognize the more than 114,000 patients waiting for a life-saving transplant in the U.S. Of those 114,000 people who are waiting for a life-saving transplant, more than two thousand are right here in Wisconsin. On the morning of April 2nd, we not only recognized their strength and courage, but we also honored the hundreds of Wisconsin donors and donor families that have so selflessly given the gift of life and healing through organ, tissue and eye donation.

We also want to say thank you to our nearly three million Wisconsin neighbors and nearly nine thousand Burnett County residents who have said yes, and registered as organ, tissue and eye donors. Together, we are united in a mission to save and heal lives and create a culture where donation is embraced as a fundamental human responsibility.

We ask that you help us continue to educate our fellow Wisconsinites about the need for more registered organ, tissue and eye donors. April is National Donate Life month, and a great time for us to remember this important work. So, throughout April, please make it your personal mission to speak to at least one person about organ, tissue and eye donation. If they're not already registered, ask them to consider taking that step to formalize their decision by registering today at their local DMV or at Thousands of Wisconsin residents who need a transplant hope you will say YES and register as an organ, tissue and eye donor.

Grantsburg Telcom Donates to the Burnett Medical Center Foundation

Grantsburg Telcom donation of $500 check
The Burnett Medical Center Foundation is a non-profit public organization whose mission is to inspire community philanthropy to advance exceptional healthcare for patients at Burnett Medical Center. During the first nine years of the Foundation's existence, they have raised over $252,000 which has been provided to Burnett Medical Center for the purchase of new equipment and facility improvements. These funds have been raised through grants from other foundations, gifts from businesses, individual philanthropists in the community, and as a result of community fund-raising events such as their annual golf tournament or the Valentine's Day banquet.

One of the local businesses that continues to graciously donate to the Burnett Medical Center Foundation is Grantsburg Telcom. This year Grantsburg Telcom has not only donated to the Foundation's annual fundraiser, the Valentine's Day banquet, but also decided to donate another $500! This funding will go towards specific orthopedic operating room table attachments so Burnett Medical Center can offer shoulder surgery through the expertise of Dr. Patrick Hall, Burnett Medical Center's Orthopedic Specialist.

Jim Olson, President of the Burnett Medical Center Foundation, stated, "Quality healthcare is important to having a vital community. We are so appreciative of the local businesses and community members who have been so generous in their giving to help advance exceptional healthcare for the Burnett Medical Center Community."

Funding raised will enhance healthcare in our hometown area for meeting the community's needs. "We want our communities to know that every dollar we raise is designed to improve the Medical Center and we remain committed to that concept," says Olson. Furthermore, all gifts to this non-profit foundation are tax deductible.

If you would like to donate or want more information about the Foundation, please contact Burnett Medical Center at 715-463-7285.