Quality Measures

Burnett Medical Center is committed to provide quality services to our customers. As a result of this commitment, BMC has been voluntarily reporting quality measures, however, in some cases it may take several quarters to generate enough cases to have sufficient data for the purposes of these reports as indicated in the quality measures currently reported by Wisconsin's CheckPoint program and the United States Department of Health's Hospital Compare. Below is additional information and related links to these quality measure reporting services. Keep in mind, when viewing the available data, that sometimes the lower the rating the better! Examples: Post surgical infections, Emergency Department wait times, etc.

Wisconsin CheckPoint

Wisconsin hospitals are enthusiastically participating in a voluntary hospital reporting initiative called CheckPoint that will provide consumers, employers, insurers, and providers with valid, timely information on the quality and safety of care that is provided in Wisconsin hospitals. The 128 hospitals reporting to CheckPoint provide care to nearly 99 percent of the state's patient population.

Wisconsin consumers can now access a trusted source of information on the quality and safety of hospital care. CheckPoint provides facts that will help consumers make informed health care decisions.

CheckPoint displays current hospital data on a public web site at: www.wicheckpoint.org.

CheckPoint will:
Help consumers take an active role in the patient/provider partnership.
Promote patient care that is scientifically proven to produce the best outcome.
Assist employers in designing health care benefits.
Provide information to hospitals for continuous quality improvement.

Hospital Compare

The United States Department of Health and Human Services web site includes data for all hospitals who are voluntarily reporting information throughout the United States. Click here to access more information and the current data available on Hospital Compare's web site.

Wisconsin PricePoint

Additionally, the Wisconsin PricePoint System allows health care consumers to receive basic, facility-specific information about healthcare services and charges.

BMC Feedback

Comments and suggestions are always welcome from our patients and visitors. Please visit our Compliments and Concerns page for more information on the process. We appreciate your feedback.