Interventional Pain Management Service

Interventional pain medicine utilizes a multidisciplinary approach, in which a team of health care professionals work together, to provide a full range of treatments and services for patients suffering from chronic and/or acute pain.

The goals of interventional pain management are to relieve, reduce, or manage pain and improve a patient's overall quality of life through minimally invasive techniques specifically designed to diagnose and treat painful conditions. Interventional pain management also strives to help patients return to their everyday activities quickly and without heavy reliance on medications.

Meet Your Medical Team

In cooperation with your primary care physician, you can be seen by Thomas Rieser, MD, Spine Specialist, and/or Brent Kapfer, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, who has had over 5 years of fulltime interventional pain practice in Wisconsin and Minnesota; extensive experience treating patients with neck, low back pain and sciatica; and specialized pain training with an American Association of Nurse Anesthetists instructor.

Another important member of the team is you! In fact, interventional pain management emphasizes and relies on the full cooperation of patients throughout the treatment process for a successful outcome to be achieved.

Interventional Pain Management Treatments

In addition to a thorough medical history and physical examination, common interventional pain management procedures include:

Epidural steroid injections (in all areas of the spine): the use of anesthetic and steroid medications injected into the epidural space to relieve pain or diagnose a specific condition.
Joint injections
Trigger point injections
Nerve, root, and medial branch blocks: injections done to determine if a specific spinal nerve root is the source of pain. Blocks also can be used to reduce inflammation and pain.
Facet joint injections: an injection used to determine if the facet joints are the source of pain. These injections can also provide pain relief.

Interventional pain management physicians often include other treatments such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and lifestyle modification (such as exercise, diet, and smoking cessation) to further enhance these procedures.

Please speak with your primary care provider about a referral. To make an appointment with a Burnett Medical Center provider, please call 715-463-5353 or 800-293-5353.